Holidays have always meant time with you,
as far back as I can remember, some years being the only time I remember seeing you,
So many memories encapsulated in this time of year; Blue Nun wine,
pickled herring, Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas Eve celebrations,
When I was little there was grandma’s Christmas village and gingerbread houses,
as I got older long talks, your belly pressed up against the bar, reminiscing about your days spent at the farm,
homemade pies (who the hell buys pies?! Although my pumpkin this year may have had you changing your philosophy on that!)
I remember and cherish so many presents from you, but the greatest gift was your hearty laughter,
the holidays will seem so quiet without it,
You were the glue that held us all together year after year, brought us all together even when we weren’t all getting along,
you were the gruff and grumpy grandpa everyone knew hid a softy, mushy, sentimental interior.
As we celebrate and try to carry on some traditions there will be so much missing without your presence…


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