I dream while my eyes are wide open
open to my mundane surroundings
yet the whole time a magical world full of life is swirling through my head.
Alone, lonely, yet I can feel the realness of his imaginary touch on my skin,
can conjure an image in my head so real that my heart rate increases.
Cold, shivering, sloppy, mucky streets
but the warmth of the places inside my never-ending dream almost washes it away.
Just sitting at work, typing, reading, researching,
yet my mind is hiking in the rain-forests of Costa Rica
perusing a marketplace in Casablanca,
or making love on a remote and tropical island.

I hear these voices go on and on in a monotonous tone speaking legal lingo,
I’m trying to listen but all I can hear is the hustle and bustle,
the call of the wild,
the ships, planes, trains, sounds of all the places in my head.
I haven’t been to any of these places yet,
my real life is mediocre,
there isn’t anyone nibbling on my ear while I’m watching the sunset –
nobody whisking me off to Paris for a holiday weekend,
I’ve never stayed in a hostel or ridden a bus also carrying chickens.
A round-the-world trip that never ends
sounds like magic to me,
not clocking in every day, not spending most of my waking hours apart from my kids.
Learning to order food in another language,
having to figure out how to exchange money, get a visa,
extend my stay, mapping out how to get to the next destination.

Do most people live this much inside their heads?
Are most people this thirsty for the world,
for adventure, for other places and cultures –
do most people have a never-ending daydream?
Will I ever be content with the day-to-day reality that is my life
if not – how do I get out of it?
There are those roaming the world, free,
were they born with money in their pockets to burn?
Do they have no fear? Is there someone to pick them up if they fall on their faces?

Maybe when the kids are grown up…
Maybe if I win the lottery someday…
Maybe if I meet someone who can help me travel…
Maybe if I happen to get lucky and land some sort of cool job that pays me to travel….


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