They say you look like me,

but when I look at you I don’t see me – other than in the shape of your eyes

but even the color is usually green  – a color that has never been in my eyes.

I look at you and I see so much beauty,

such strength, confidence, wisdom and knowledge

in you I see hope and curiosity and endless possibility,

things I don’t recall ever having myself.

I look at you and I see fearlessness,

stubbornness, a willingness to look at the world as half-full.

I see so many things I hope you hold onto,

so many attributes I hope I am able to help you nurture

numerous qualities that I hope burn stronger with time

and are not quenched or broken by others’ negativity.

I look at you and it raises the question of nature vs. nurture,

yes, my being your mother has likely influenced you in some way

but so much of you seems so innate –

it seems you could have been raised by the Amish or by wolves,

and you would still be amazing, silly, resilient, stubborn, optimistic Emma.



3 thoughts on “Emma”

  1. “but so much of you seems so innate –
    it seems you could have been raised by the Amish or by wolves,”

    This made me smile wide. The rest of the poem just made my heart swell, in a squishy, hearty-portion-of-life’s-yummiest-muffins kind of way.

    I am currently trying to enter motherhood (to put it lass crassly 😉 ) and have been spending my afternoon drives thinking of baby girl names. Emma came up last night. Stay blessed. I hope your child gets to read this someday.


    1. She is 11 – so she will likely read it tonight. Good luck on entering motherhood – it is the most difficult, amazing, wonderful journey one can possibly take in life! In a way I wish I’d have named her something other than Emma, as starting the year she was born Emma became the most popular/common girl’s name for like 10 years and she is not “common.” We jokingly call her Bianca Raquel sometimes, the name I may have given her if I hadn’t allowed her dad his input and ended up with Emma Jean! 😉


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