Our Addiction with Falling in Love

Is the grass always greener on the other side?
Of course it is, for a little while,
there is a magical feeling in newness
in someone who sees all your greatness,
but none of your imperfections.
There are few expectations, no nagging,
no demands or pressure to commit.
You can reveal as much or as little of yourself as you’d like,
no past conflicts to bring up,
no hurts or resentments that surface,
all is fresh, all is exciting again.

But how long will it last this time?
And what are you giving up?
Floating from beginning to beginning,
looking for someone new to give you that feeling again,
and then discarding them as soon as they don’t.

We are a throw-away society,
a world full of quitters, we hide behind fear,
let go when it hurts just a little,
we throw the word love around to get what we want
and share our bodies with complete strangers
trying to stay on that newness high
never getting to that deeper place,
that place of full connectedness to another.

Instead we stay on this journey solo,
even when attached,
we don’t want to be attached too much.
Jumping into new arms,
when the current ones are holding on too tight;
all these new beginnings are going to spiral into a lonely ending.


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