A Damaged Portrait

A beautiful master piece, gallery quality,
every brushstroke placed precisely where it belongs,
creating a flawless portrait of a young girl, would garner a high price at auction – who wouldn’t
want to proudly hang such a quality piece of art in their home?

Now, over time, that portrait has been crated around, ended up in some crummy places,
not protected, not cared for,
damaged, stained, paint faded, chipped away.

The girl in the portrait is still beautiful,  though it is now a little harder to see, with all the damage,
the chipped away portions, the faded portions, this masterpiece is nearly unrecognizable in a way,
forget about hanging her in a gallery, or having much luck at auction,
who would see the value in her now,
would have the desire, time or patience to have her restored?

So, instead of hanging proudly in a gallery or a magnificent home,
this beautiful portrait, lies neglected, unadmired, damaged, in a box. Maybe someday she’ll be taken out and restored.


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