A post-breakup poem I just found:

I always said I lived life with no regrets
that every decision I’d made up to this point got me where I’m at,
they all brought me to meeting you – the other half of my heart, my rock, the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with.

Now that I’m attempting to adjust to living life without you
there are so many moments I wish I could redo,
so many times i let insecurities  tug at the fabric of us I wish I could unlive,
but I can’t. 

I’m left with the way things played out,
with half of my heart gone, without anyone to lean on, dreams of the future shattered, trying to create new dreams that include flying solo.

Now I live with regrets, every decision I made that led me to having to learn to function, live, laugh without you, without passion and love.


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