I am working on an entire post about life’s simple pleasures, the things that make me smile, but I felt that this deserved its own post. I LOVE KISSING! I haven’t always, when I was younger it was more an obligatory part of dating. I remember telling my ex when we first started dating that I thought it was a waste of time! Oh, how wrong I realize I was, as I have now fallen in love with this intimate act.

From the first kiss with a new person, which can often be awkward. The kiss that never was because you turned away out of nervousness or disinterest. The sweet, gentle, peck because things are still too new or you’re too unsure to give more. Then there is the hot, passionate, body tingling, mind numbing first kiss that screams – yes, we have chemistry and it will take every ounce of restraint not to go further! That first kiss is like a trial run, your first taste of physical compatibility.

The kissing I love the most is the kissing of connectedness. Yes, there is physical passion and intensity, but there is also an emotional connection. You may not have said I Love You out loud yet, but you’re pretty sure it’s being conveyed right there as you could stand, sit or lay there in their embrace forever, just kissing them, taking all of them in, feeling their heart beat so close to yours.
There have only been a few people since I fell in love with kissing that I’ve experienced this kind of kissing with, this kissing where you feel like you’re melding into the other person, and it is blissful!!!


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