My Sanctuary

No amount of concrete, steel or glass could ever surpass or recreate,
the beauty and majesty that nature possesses.
The dark brown beams, golden yellow, vibrant green, auburn canopy
reaching high up into that pale blue backdrop
the sun’s rays being caught, reflected, illuminating every detail.
The contrast of new life amongst the dying, dry, cracking leaves
just a few colors; brown, yellow, orange, red, green, blue
but in abundant hues, subtle variations.
A well-worn path, beaten by thousands of soles
better than any tile, laminate or marble hallway
These magnificent trees that tangle together,
colors dancing in the sun’s light,
more awe inspiring than any man-made cathedral ceiling.
Breath in deeply and every molecule in my body feels restored
every sense heightened, connected
the sound of leaves crunching underneath my every step
animals scampering about in the underbrush,
water from the river lapping against the side of the island
an occasional fellow hiker off in the distance
this is more joyous than any pop or gospel song.
Forest, prairie, canyon, mountain, stream, cave
my true sanctuary, place of wonderment and awe
astonished by all the beauty, complexity, depth that surrounds us
hoping to learn more and more of nature’s secrets,
knowing there are so many we have yet to uncover
but – they are all there – waiting.


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