Don’t Say IT Silly Girl!


Hmmmm….I could lay here forever

drift off to dreamland so easily

breathe in your scent, feel your warm, smooth skin against mine

I feel so comfortable, so content,

I almost forget,

almost let the words slip out….


But then my head reminds my heart

that no matter how passionate those kisses seem

they’re just kisses

that no matter how tender your touch feels

there isn’t anything else to it

this is just physical –

don’t make it into anything more silly girl!


The talking, connecting,

is just small talk to fill the empty space

you don’t grab me like that because you’ve missed me

you grab me like that cause you’re lonely? horny?

you don’t kiss me like that because you love me

you kiss me like that because, that’s the way you kiss.


I know you don’t want me,

not the way I want you

I know you won’t let me in

no matter how much I pour my heart out to you,

this little sliver is all I get of you

and that’s ok – as long as I remember,

and don’t let the words slip out….


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