Trepidation on Being a Mother

Trepidation on Being a Mother

I grasp two precious hands in mine
two sets of sapphire eyes stare up at me,
placing me upon a pedestal.
One lil angel giggles mischievously
and rolls her eyes – oh so dramatic!!!
The other face, scattered with freckles,
looks up – so tender, curious, even sapient.
I feel immensely blessed,
yet my heart sinks within my chest –
God entrusted 2 individuals’ souls to my care.
If I falter or waver in my duty,
how will they fair?
If the world crumbles around them
will I have enabled them with the skills to push through?
When tragedy or heartbreak strikes,
will they have fortitude, knowing just what to do?

The News reels roll –
stories of war, carnage, man’s inhumanity
unfold before our gaping eyes.
Questions are asked about senseless acts,
and so biographies of evil men are told.
And I wonder –
how much do I shelter them? How long?
How do I prepare two innocents
for an unpredictable world they’re bound to enter?


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