Lovers, Friends, Husbands

I refer to god, church and praying in some of these – so you know they’re older!

Lovers, Friends, Husbands
I am beginning to see a great distinction between the different kinds of love we can have
that one doesn’t have to be better than any other, just different,
and each brings us something new and teaches us something different
and sometimes you can feel more than one about a person at a time.

There is the raging, boiling over, unexplainable, animalistic love that is so passionate,
that literally takes your breath away, makes your heart race
the kind of love that is almost an obsession,
where you are each other’s drug, it is filled with such intensity all the time
and you feel like your soul would be erased, you would literally die without the other.

Then there is the gentle love, sometimes built between ex-lovers
once any of the hurt and rage and passion subside
the love of a friend, someone who supports and uplifts you
who you can cry with, cry for and laugh until you’re rolling on the floor with.
The kind of love that has no expectations, is sweet
shares in each other’s joys and trials of life, lends a helping hand and an open ear.Lastly is the love of a spouse, a life partner, a person you have promised forever to
the one you want to build and sustain a family with,
this love is harder to explain for I have it in my head, my dreams – but haven’t realized it,
This is the love that gets through all the hard times, that shares the same hopes & dreams,
this is the love that holds your hand in church on Sundays,
that you share loss with and celebrate success with.
This is the love that makes your family feel secure, that is a foundation for your kids,
that needs to be nourished and fed and healed and grown day after day –
so that someday, this is the person you will still love in eternity.


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