A Fragile Man?

A Fragile Man?

Strong arms created by God,
sculpted to perfection by man,
envelope me.
In your embrace my consonance changes
from an independent woman –
to a vulnerable version of myself
I thought I’d done away with.
The sound of your voice arouses me,
seeing you again is blissful.
I long for your touch, scent,
phone call or text.
I must admit – I’m infatuated.

What do I really know of you?
I know all the superficial things,
the statistics if you will,
yet the real you – beyond those sexy eyes
seems so impenetrable, will I ever get inside?
Something is drawing me to you,
wanting you in my world,
will I ever be invited to yours?
I sense your hesitations,
do those rigid walls hide a man who fears?
Fears what others may think
or what his own heart will feel?


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