Unbury Your Treasure

Unbury Your Treasure
My lips crave your tender kisses,
each one speaks of your love
and shows how much you’ve missed me.
Your eyes trace the curves of my body
gentle, yet firm, hands caress my inner thigh.
Every touch, every flick of the tongue,
each breath upon my skin,
makes my heart rate increase.
Laying in your arms, floating on clouds,
you penetrate my very soul
when you enter the essence of my womanhood.
Two bodies entangle
to become one source of ecstasy.
Place your mouth upon my skin,
run your tongue along imaginary lines,
look at me, your treasure, with such desire.
Hold me up when I am weak,
feel the strength in me pushing back,
moan in unison with me
and transcend beyond this place –
to where only you and I exist.


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