Love Poems

Yes! I am SOOO happy, I found some of my old poems that I thought had been lost to me forever! I know, I am overly sentimental but there are certain poems that I just love and the thought of them disappearing forever was a little heartbreaking. There is still one, which I remember some words to, that I’m not sure I’ll ever find but I am glad that I have found these…. I’ll post a few at a time

Shattering Love’s Limits
Over the years I defined Love in such finite terms.
Growing up I thought no bond could be as strong as that I had with my twin,
then I grew up and forged sisterhoods with women, that aren’t defined by blood.
As a small child I thought that my mother’s Love was as good as it got,
no way could I fathom a deeper Love than that –
Then I became a mother myself,
and everything I thought I knew about love was dispelled,
its reach was further, deeper than I could have ever foreseen!
Of course, NO WAY could I ever love another human being THIS much,
then I became a mother again, and my heart had room for that kind of incredible love TWICE!

Now I know that sisterly love transcends bloodlines,
that children enable you to love more than you could have ever comprehended,
but I still doubted the way a man could love me.
Men were cold, heartless – what did they know of love?
Again, my notions have crumbled, I’ve been forced to acknowledge error in thought,
once again I am touched by a Love SO much deeper,
than anything in my own imagining.

It’s all occurred so quickly,
in the blink of any eye we made love –
then became love.
Those outside can see the joy,
hear the stories of butterflies,
yet still remain so cynical.
Two strangers crossed paths, accidentally,
yet felt destiny calling
when they looked in the other’s eyes.
How can night and day combine,
so effortlessly?
How can a fortress, built through pain,
crumble so easily?
Do two who have been hurt
truly trust so naturally?
If you’re looking in upon us
you probably doubt, I would.
But you are not within our world,
haven’t been transformed as I have
nor do you feel what only I can.
If I weren’t a part of this love song
I’d turn down the beat, question the lyrics.
That is why I wish others would remain
oblivious to our symphony,
if they have nothing to add to its beauty
or only seek to destroy –
what they can never grasp.


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