being carried up in a strong wind

being carried up in a strong wind

I once was so cautious, so critical
everyone had a hidden agenda,
ulterior motives.
Heart break inevitable, I clutched mine close
was drifting through life at a steady pace,
sure not to trip.
Was there a lot of laughter? Maybe not so much
Did I think a lot? My thoughts dizzied my head!
Had experienced so much hurt so early
was bound to be safe, stable, a little prudish even –
after all, I’m a mother now!
Then one simple, unsuspecting day
I met a man who walked with a different swagger,
he laid it all on the table, as I nibbled at what he had to offer,
I gave back a little too.
Suddenly I wasn’t so tenacious
Each tender kiss has been like a brick falling,
every stubborn hold-out I had
has abruptly fallen away.
And so quickly, without even trying
I’ve been restored in some ways, to my youthful wonderment.
I let go of all the overanalyzes, opened up to desire
Its happening so quickly – being carried up in a strong wind,
but this time I’m not scared, I’ve abandoned all fear.


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