Our Unlikely Friendship

We come from two different worlds, you and I
Yet I am so at ease with you
I can share everything with you,
bare all of my deepest thoughts, all my crazy
I don’t hesitate, don’t censor my words,
don’t question “what will he think of me?”
You are my sounding board, my confidant, my advisor,
my friend, the person I want to turn to when I’m sad, confused,
or just want to share a silly or random thought.
You know my fears, my hopes and dreams,
I’ve told you all about my kids, family, friends and their drama
You know I’m messy, insecure at times, inpatient,
you know my struggles, my weaknesses.
Yet, you’ve never met any of the important people in my life,
nor I yours,
You barely let me in, often turn it back to me if I push
We’ve talked about experiences and adventures, but not shared any
I know if I saw you some of that easiness would slip away,
I’d get those nervous, giddy, butterflies in my stomach feelings
I’d want to stop you in the middle of talking to kiss those perfect lips,
I’d melt to the sound of your voice, find everything you’d say mesmerizing,
want to lie down while we talk so I could be held in your strong arms,
touch your smooth skin, take in and absorb all of you
I’d study all your movements, inventory your well decorated house
I’d be in a constant state of arousal from being in such close proximity to you,
yet long for that emotional closeness that would only come if I could penetrate your walls.
But, we have not seen each other in what seems an eternity,
always say we intend to yet it never comes to fruition
Right now you are oddly one of my closest friends,
maybe because we don’t see each other, don’t allow the sexual tension to seep in
that would inevitability be there face-to-face???


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