Most Days….

One of my more melancholy poems:

Most days my children bring so much sunshine into my life I’m tempted to put on sunglasses.
Most days I have so many things going on I’m a constant stream of motion.
Most days the love of my friends has me floating on a cloud and I’m overcome with gratitude.

Some days, seemingly out of nowhere, this immense loneliness strikes.
Some days the sadness is brief, and like a passing shadow vanishes quickly.
Some days it lingers, and I cannot shake it, as it begins to consume my thoughts.

Most days I’m daydreaming and filled with happy, optimistic thoughts about the future.
Most days I smile and dance to the music, noticing only the upbeat rhythms.
Most days if asked how I’m doing I can say “FABULOUS” without hesitation.

Some days certain sounds or smells or thoughts will trigger memories I’d rather not remember.
Some days it takes all of the energy within my body just to get out of bed.
Some days my eyes feel like they have tears ready to spill over at any moment all day long.

Most days I look in the mirror and pose and smile at my reflection.
Most days I want to kiss and hug and wrap my arms around and say I love you to everyone.
Most days I believe and hope and imagine with wonderment and anticipation.

Some days I wonder whether I will ever feel love or passion again.
Some days I just want to give up, call it quits, turn into a bitter old woman.
Some days the future seems hopeless and lonely and I wish I could undue every day up til now.

Most days I love my life.
Some days I do not.


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