My Babies

My babies, my sweet little girls, my everythings

no longer tiny or completely dependent,

you do not fit in the cradle of my arm

and it’s been an eternity since I could carry you around.

But I can still wrap my arms around you

and as I’m comforting you, it comforts me,

every time you call me mom or mommy my heart leaps.

I tease you that you’re still so attached to me,

and say how I was so much more independent at your age,

but I’m delighted really, pleased you’re still kids,

relieved you haven’t been forced to become adults too quickly.

It’s like you are knowledgeable without being tarnished,

innocent in many ways, without being naïve. 

You are strong in ways I couldn’t imagine being strong,

as I see Emma holding a dying animal in her arms,

vowing to be there, like a mother hen, until the critter takes its last breath,

as I see Arianna stick up for herself with such assertiveness,

and have such a look of confidence in her eyes as she goes about life.

You are my babies, always and forever,

yet you are growing and learning and transforming every single day

and before long you will both be teenagers, and then adults.

I have no doubt in my mind

you will go out into the world and make it your own,

and love and laugh and build amazing relationships and lives,

even when I can’t hold you in my arms –

I’ll always hold you in my heart

and be grateful that I was fortunate enough to by your mommy.


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