In the Closet

There are things you’ve destroyed you’re not even aware of
And you’ll never know, I’ll never have the chance to tell you
Even if we speak again, your voice will melt me . . . as it always does Continue reading In the Closet



New dreams need to be created

when the old ones only create pain

unrealized, they fester in my soul,

a black cloud covering my light.

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If I could tell my younger-self anything it would be:
You are Enough.
You are MORE than enough,
You are beautiful and sexy and worthy
Just the way you are.
You can say no, or yes, or I want …..
You are good enough, beautiful enough, interesting enough
And anyone who doesn’t see it?
It’s their loss, their blinders, their own insecurities
Don’t let that seep into you,
don’t lower your standards, don’t lessen your shine for anyone.
You are Enough
You are Smart
You are Strong
You are Beautiful
You are Sexy
You are Worthy

Depressing Teen Writings

The musings of a 30-something, urban, single mother

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