Is it safe?

How honest shall I be?
Should I admit how sad and lonely I can be?
Or is the persona of contentment better?
It has become a struggle to decipher
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The American Dream

Florescent light
keyboard tapping
HVAC whirring
gray, fabric walls,
square tile ceiling,
people barely breathing.

Overpriced office chair
cafeteria food
dirty workrooms
slow elevators
landline phones.

Lucky to have steady income
lucky to have a job
lucky you can work
lucky you have benefits
lucky you get paid vacation and sick time

I Have Not Become a Hollow Shell

write, write something

put pen to paper

will words to flow from ink

don’t stop your writing to think.

write, write something

force your hand to keep moving

scribble incoherently if you must

prove your brain hasn’t turned to dust.

write, write something

whatever pops into your mind let out

allow the energy of your heart to flow

you still have emotions, let them show.

My Library

Not a poem, but fitting with my nerdish personality, I decided to catalog my books. Here are all of the books I currently own in hard copy.  Some are my kids’ books, some are old and crumbling, most of them are hardcover, I love the feel of them…the smell of them. There are few books I have gotten rid of other than my kids’ books from when they were little, and when I do I often regret doing so. There are a few I have borrowed and never gotten back.  The only ones currently not included here are cookbooks and e-books. My dream house would have bookshelves lining nearly every wall…for awhile I’ve been going more to the Library than buying books simply because I don’t have room for them. If I did, I fear I would spend all of my spare coin on them! And no, it is not a typo, I found that there were two books I have duplicate copies of – so likely will be putting those in my neighbor’s small library! Continue reading My Library

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