I Don’t Want To Give of Myself


just had another revelation! I have been on numerous dates since my last relationship ended 5 years ago, and I’ve analyzed myself, my dates, the dating pool, etc. trying to decipher a reason why I hadn’t met anyone who I wanted more with and who wanted more with me. Why there hadn’t been any sparks flying or, more accurately, why I haven’t met anyone I am compatible with or can see myself having a relationship with. Read the rest of this entry

You Are The One


You are “the one” but not in the way I once thought,

you are not my soul mate, not “the one” I am meant to spend the rest of my life with.

You are the one who helped me learn so many life lessons, Read the rest of this entry

Writer’s Block



blank page,

barren heart

I crave emotion

long to feel,

even sorrow would be welcome

empty page,

numb mind


I Cried This Morning


I cried this morning,

the kind of tears that come unprovoked

that saturate your face, redden your eyes,

couldn’t catch my breath. Read the rest of this entry