I Cried This Morning


I cried this morning,

the kind of tears that come unprovoked

that saturate your face, redden your eyes,

couldn’t catch my breath. Read the rest of this entry

New Dreams


I used to daydream about a perfect wedding, a nice house, a job I’d love, raising a herd of kids

Now I daydream about selling it all, leaving it all, seeing the world unfettered by material things. Read the rest of this entry

I Hope She Does


Does she appreciate everything she has?

Everything I always wanted, in the palm of her hands, is she gentle with it?

Does she savor every moment spent beside you? Read the rest of this entry

The Risk is Worth It


Why would we ever love, when every great love suffers great loss?


When we say I do, we’re saying I do through life’s toughest challenges

A promise given on a cheerful and celebratory day,

includes one of us likely holding the hand of the other through disease and death,

through chemo and endless doctor appointments,

memory loss or loss of bodily function

moments of uncertainty and moments of certain despair. Read the rest of this entry